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  1. Has anyone noticed that since christmas the QHM moves list that they publish each day at 1200, now no longer seems to mention the Brittany Ferries that arrive and depart?, all it says now is ‘Nil naval moves’
    Does anyone know if this is temporary or a permanant fixture?
    On a side note would be handy if they gave a rough time idea for the container/fruits boats.. :-)

    • As others have said i am sure they did the same last year, they never even entered Santa’s Sleigh as a movement like they did last year, it’s a shame that no movements are listed as me and the family are staying at the Clarence Pier, Premier Inn for two nights from tomorrow so i will have to keep an eye on Shipfinder and an ear on my scanner 😉

  2. Has anyone noticed that since christmas the QHM moves list that they pulishbeach day at 1200, now no longer seems to mention the Brittany Ferries that arrive and depart?, all it says now is ‘Nil naval moves’
    Does anyone know if this is temporary or a permanant fixture?
    On a side note would be handy if they gave a rough time idea for the container/fruits boats.. :-)

  3. It’s been a busy morning at Portsmouth commercial port. Klipper Steam finally sailed from Albert Johnson Quay, having been in since Monday morning. Then container ship Ocean Promise came in and took the same berth. Seen here passing Southsea Common with tugs SD Bountiful and SD Indulgent in attendance, and hovercraft Solent Flyer just left the beach.

  4. The mystery regarding the two long-departed container ships, MISC Merlion and P&O Nedlloyd Southampton plus to ‘dummies’ which appeared as due on 31st December (for the 4th year running) are now mysteriously all due on 31st January – one to Berth 203! An explanation from someone in the know would be very welcome.

  5. In contrast to the reports of very poor visibility inland over the past few days, it’s another beautiful cold clear morning here on the Solent. I just caught the sun rising over Arco Dee, anchored near the Horse Tail, waiting to go up to Bedhampton.

  6. A stunning, sunny, frosty morning here today. Here’s container ship Andrea passing Southsea Castle, inbound from Casablanca for what I believe is her first visit to Portsmouth (but please correct me if that’s wrong!). In the background, gas tanker Epic Caledonia is outbound from Fawley.

    • Dear all a happy belated Merry Christmas from Cambridge, me and my family are down for the New Year, looking forward to another fix of watching the world go by and the scanner on all day even in the hotel room lol. :mrgreen:
      Many thanks to Webmaster Tony for keeping this resource running for all us landlocked followers, BTW a donation will be in the post soon 😉

  7. And, belatedly, Happy Christmas and thanks from me too, to Webmaster and everyone who contributes to this site.

    Here’s Reynaert and Norma passing the Sealife Centre at Southsea on Christmas morning, both engaged in the dredging work for the Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers.

  8. I would like to echo the other posts by saying hope people had a good christmas and a Happy New Year and to thank the webmaster for this brilliant site, as an avid follower of shipping movements in the solent its invaluable
    Many Thanks :-)

  9. Is anyone else having problems connecting to the VHF radio streams via the main home page link whilst using Chrome browser? All I get in each of the feed windows is a “Connection Refused” message over and over again. Have emailed Webmaster but, as he doesn’t use Chrome, he can’t advise. Have cleared cache, made sure Flash is enabled and checked that Chrome is up to date.

  10. See in todays Portsmouth News that the latest possibility to ease the M27 car park is Wight Link to possibly run a new Ferry service from the Gunwharf Quays to Southampton in 45 minutes. Assume this will complement the Hovercraft service proposed which seems to have gone oh so quite. Sorry the cynical side of me seems to be in over drive this morning. 😉

  11. Does anyone know what is going on between berths 102 and 103 (the clear land between city cruise terminal and Fruit terminal)? There is a crane with what looks like some temporary buildings going up. Are there plans to build something on this land?

  12. TWO Royal Navy minehunter vessels are set to get a major upgrade in Portsmouth naval base’s new specialist ship repair facility. HMS Quorn and HMS Atherstone have been transferred into the new Minor War Vessels Centre of Specialisation. This marks the first time two Royal Navy Mine Countermeasure Vessels (MCMVs) have simultaneously occupied the hall for maintenance. As part of the work, BAE Systems will replace their entire ‘propulsion system’, including the machinery controls and surveillance system. The ships’ galleys will also be upgraded and refurbished. At the end of November, HMS Brocklesby was also loaded out of the complex after completing the first stage of her upkeep programme. BAE Systems will complete the remainder of her maintenance period at the docking facilities at Portsmouth Naval Base before she undertakes sea trials in 2017.

      • Bobby,

        As the Lusty was getting close relatively quickly I decided to include it in the picture rather than just get its wake in the foreground – anyway the blue ensign gives it away as a services vessel. Its a training boat for the Joint Services Adventurous Sail Training Centre (JSASTC) and as far as I know would be based in Haslar Creek just around the corner from where I was standing. As it happened I got a clear shot when it had passed – Tony chose the shot from the selection I sent him


        • Thanks for that Neil.
          If my question came over as a ‘bit off’, I didn’t mean it like that. I was just curious about the vessel as a quick search on Baltic Swift had thrown up this intriguing reference to the British Keil Yacht Club up to 1992 which sounds as if it has some ‘ancestral’ link with JSASTC. That Baltic Swift was the company launch of the United Baltic Company …

  13. Well instead of going to Portsmouth today I decided on Calshot to watch a 1984 built refer 12,691 gt, the Summer Flower sail towards Rotterdam. And it was not carrying containers. Pure bliss.

  14. The BBC 2 programme on Monday “Titanic’s Tragic Twin: the Britannic Disaster” is a misnomer for two reasons: Titanic’s twin was Olympic (not even mentioned in the programme) and if you choose to include Britannic, then these three ships of the Olympic class would be triplets. In fact, Titanic (46,329grt) and Olympic (45,324grt) were near-identical sisters built alongside each other and completed 11 months apart, whilst Britannic (48,158grt), the third ship of the Olympic class, was 20 feet longer than the other two and completed three years later.

    George Perman, one of the Boy Scouts on board who acted as lift attendants, messengers etc., is described as a sea scout. He was from the 2nd Freemantle Troop (now renamed 2nd Southampton) whose website makes no mention of it ever being a sea scout troop. I suspect the documentary makers have fabricated it, having decided that any scout on a ship must be a sea scout.

    Kate Humble, standing in a drydock in Belfast, states “This is the drydock in Belfast where both Titanic and Britannic were built.” These ships were not built in a drydock: soon afterwards, the programme shows a photograph of Britannic on normal shipbuilding stocks with other ships on their stocks alongside her, all at ground level.

    After fanciful speculation upon a conspiracy theory that the engine room crew failed to obey an instruction to close the watertight doors as the ship flooded, a presenter suggests that the electric wires from the control panel on the bridge might have been broken or the ship’s structure distorted by the explosion. According to Ocean Liners of the Past: Olympic and Titanic, page 26, the bridge control panel was connected to “a powerful electromagnet” controlling a clutch in the drive mechanism for the doors, but does not say if power loss to the magnet will release the doors. Logically, the system would have been fail-safe. The same book also states “as a further precaution, floats are provided beneath the floor level, which, in the event of water accidentally entering any of the compartments, automatically lift and thereby close the doors opening into that compartment if they have not already been dropped by those in charge of the vessel.”
    Whilst bulkhead distortion is possible, I think that the most likely reason for the vertically sliding doors’ failure to close is that the inrush of water jammed them in their tapered frames. Furthermore, the force of the inrush of water (described in the programme) is likely to have prevented any crew getting close enough to the doors to close them manually. The presenter’s slur against the crew is entirely without justification.

      • I believe the lifeboat to be ex ON-923 John Gellatly Hyndman 52’ Barnett now Sea Terra unaltered as pleasure boat to go to English Harbour, Green Island, Antigua late 2016. She is to replace his previous Barnett ex ON-913 James and Margaret Boyd which as Sea Terror sank in a storm there on 10 December 2010 and is now a dive facility

        • Tony Denton’s superbly researched, presented and annually updated book “Lifeboat Enthusiasts’ Society Handbook” (now co-authored with Richie Leonard) is supplied free every year to members of the Society.
          In it, readers will see that John Gellatly Hyndman was Stronsay’s lifeboat from new in 1955-72, then in the relief fleet until being sold out of service in 1985.
          Also that RNLB James and Margaret Boyd was stationed from new at Stornoway (54-73), Macduff 74-45 and Invergordon (75-84)

  15. Dear Solent-watchers,
    I would be thrilled to recieve any information about SS Fawn (ON 62212), a small passenger/cargo ship buit Kiel 1869, and registered and working at Southampton for about 30 years, owned by The Southampton New Steam Towing Company, with the Bowyer family closely involved throughout.
    Fingers crossed someone has the dope…

  16. Panama-flagged bulk carrier Royal Harmony was detained on November 16 at Southampton and it was not released by the end of the month. Seafarers’ employment agreement (SEA) Invalid, Inflatable liferafts expired, Radio life-saving appliances batteries expired, ISM not as required.

  17. More explosives dredged up. A rusted Second World War six-inch shell was unearthed about one mile from the harbour during a routine dredging operation. The explosive was towed about a mile-and-a-half east of the Isle of Wight before being detonated by navy divers. Dredging in the Solent and Harbour is set to continue into next year, in preparation for the arrival of the navy’s new Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers, the first of which will arrive in spring. The operations has uncovered a number of historic explosives. The latest, a 500lb German bomb, forced a widespread evacuation of residents and shoppers in Gunwharf Quays last month.

  18. So the old harbor cranes have been dismantled over the last few days and not a single person has mentioned it or taken pictures? I bet these are some of the oldest structures at the docks, very surprised no one has picked up on this. Anyone know whether they have been scrapped or just dismantled?

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